Inside Imagination

Jan 9, 2015

Where adults may just see a stick, a child sees an entire world.

An Ode to Activity.

Dec 18, 2014

Here at Raskullz HQ we are huge fans of anything active and fun. And if having fun all the time isn’t enough motivation, check out this mind-blowing video about why movement is so important in our daily lives.

Doug The Pug

Dec 16, 2014

All I Want For Christmas Is Food!

Black Friday

Nov 25, 2014

Join us at for a super web party going on Friday – Monday with intergalactic blow out prices that will save your Christmas from the same old boring, L7 square gifts.

Jedi Babies

Nov 13, 2014

An ode to the greatest helmet of all time. A long time a go in a suburb far, far away….

Ghost Peloton

Nov 11, 2014

Ghost Peloton fuses performance cycling with athletic choreography performed by Phoenix Dance Theatre’s dancers, and the varied landscapes of race route. Each rider, bike and performer was illuminated using NVA’s bespoke LED light suit, which can instantaneously change colour, flash-rate and luminosity. The rhythm of movement from the choreographed actions of massed participants becomes a source of creativity in itself, extending perception of the immediate setting.

Touchable Memories

Nov 10, 2014

We are rapidly discovering what 3D Printing technology can do to change our lives. In this genius application, 3D Printing is used to recreate memories like photographs that allow those who have lost their eye sight to physically remember their most impactful life moments. Simply stunning.

Glow Trick Shots

Oct 29, 2014

Halloween is almost here and here at Raskullz HQ we were psyched to find this spooky glowy video to get us in the festive mood. Check out Dude Perfect crew nailing some glow in the dark trick shots.

Halloween Pumpkins with Scary Teeth

Oct 27, 2014

How scary and realistic do faces look when you give them big teeth? YouTuber DaveHax demonstrates five pumpkin carving techniques for making your own scary and surprising Halloween Jack-o’-lanterns, including how to:

Make pumpkin teeth and pumpkin fangs
Carve out eyes
Drill holes for a pumpkin mirror ball lantern
Carve a stem-nosed pumpkin
Make light-up ping pong ball pumpkins with LED lights

How to Make a Hot Air Balloon

Oct 6, 2014

What is a hot air balloon made of and how are they made? Find out as At-Bristol Science Centre‘s Ross Exton visits Cameron Balloons, one of the world’s oldest hot air balloon manufacturers, to learn more about the materials and physics that keep these huge vehicles safely in the air.

If you happen to have a few plastic bags around, there’s an easy DIY science experiment included in the vid, too.