T-Rad Rex loves to get rad! His passion is riding bikes and is a professional bmx racer. When he’s not racing he works as a bike mechanic for fun!

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Roborex makes electronic music using old videogame consoles. His beats will blow the roof off of any party!

T Chopz loves the outdoors, especially when extreme sports are involved. He loves off road racing his dirt bike and quad, and he’s never afraid of getting muddy.

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Cybershark loves everything there is to know about technology. He’s even waiting in line right now for the iPhone 6!

Sparkle Heart loves glitter, sequins, and all kinds of sparkles. She loves doing arts and crafts projects with tons of glitter.

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Princess Meow hosts tea parties so amazing there is a waiting list a mile long! Luckily, she hosts a tea party every day, so everyone can attend.

Cutie cat’s hobbies include baking cup cakes for her friends, drinking milk with ice cubes, shopping, and fashion blogging.

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Miss Dolly Fin Fun loves collecting sea shells, and selling them by the sea-shore. Summer is more fun with Miss Dolly Fin Fun!

Color Cat’s favorite color is... all of them! She also loves long boarding in the summer time and hula dancing everyday for 26 minutes.

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After a long night of working at the nautical salvage yard, all Shark Attax wants to do is shred! Fear not… He is actually a vegetarian, so it won’t be you he’s shreddin’.

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The Raskullz Racoons are the radical natives of Radlantis. They love to invent things and play all day. When they aren't busy making awesome things in their top-secret factory, they love to hang out with all their new island friends.

Welcome to Radlantis!

A radical world built by the Raskullz Racoons where adventure is everywhere and the natives live for friendship, imagination and everything extreme!

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