Inspire The Imagination

At Raskullz, we live to create products that inspire the imagination. From backpacks to bicycles, from stationary to scooters, from helmets to handgrips, we find the line and cross it everytime. We take products that kids need to have and turn them into products that kids WANT to have. Raskullz does not ‘blend in’, we stand out, break ground, and have fun doing it. While other companies slap a flat logo onto the same old tired products, Raskullz takes a fresh approach by using 3D toy-inspired technologies to literally re-invent the bicycle (and then some!). Raskullz: changing the industry by making children’s products fun again.







C-Preme is a Los Angeles-based company passionately devoted to designing innovative products for children. We understand the moms and dads of today. We know the cool person you were before parenthood and guess what? We think you’re even cooler now that you’re a mom or dad. Yes, you still love to surf the web, but now in addition to your favorite websites you frequent cool parenting sites that show you crafts you can do with your kids. You blog your baby photos and share updates about your kids on Facebook. You love your iPod even more now that it has Yo Gabba Gabba tunes on it. You post your toddler’s first bike ride with no training wheels up on YouTube for everyone to see. You are still rad and now it is a whole new world of radness.
At C-Preme we strive to create products that are smarter, more innovative and safer. Products that appeal not only to your children but to your sense of design. We make products that inspire your children’s imagination and keep them safe and having fun. That’s our ultimate goal in everything we do.
We create products that are original and transformational. Our team continues to bring design to life, introducing exciting, innovative essentials for the coolest kids in the world.