Safety Statistics

  • •  Riding without a proper helmet increases the risk of a serious head injury or fatal crash by 14 times.
  • •  The risk of a brain injury is reduced by 88% when wearing a proper helmet.
  • •  The risk of a fatal bike crash is reduced by 75% when wearing a proper helmet.

With these statistics it is no wonder why Raskullz designed their helmets to exceed all current safety standards. Raskullz Helmets are designed to be as safe as they are cool looking, complying with U.S. ASTM and CPSC standards for bicycle helmets. In the unfortunate circumstance where an accident occurs, wearing a proper helmet can literally be a lifesaver. Half of the battle is getting the child to wear the helmet, which is why Raskullz designed helmets that a child will WANT to wear. Hence the Raskullz Helmets mantra: Protect the head, inspire the imagination. Please follow fitting instructions when using Raskullz Helmets to ensure helmet can protect properly.